klm Process

Whether a commercial or residential project, the process remains similar. klm keeps the process flexible, transparent and efficient.

Starting with an initial project meeting, usually at the proposed job site, we’ll discuss your likes, dislikes, personal preferences and goals to be reached in the ultimate product, your building. I will listen to what you say and how you say it. I will gather enough information from this initial meeting to create a Proposal, which will outline my services and fees relating to the project.

Should this proposal be acceptable, we’ll then enter the Preliminary Phase of the process. This is where klm will document any required existing conditions and create Preliminary designs based upon our discussions with a little “klm design sense” mixed in.

Once the Preliminary design meets your needs and wants we’ll then enter the Working Drawings phase where the design is developed more extensively focusing on aspects such as Zoning Requirements, Building Code Compliance, Structural Design, etc.

Once completed, these Working Drawings will be signed/sealed by klm and are then ready for the local municipality to offer a permit from. You’ll also be given sets of these Working Drawings to offer the contractor to actually build from. Klm can provide contractors that the company has had success with on previous projects or you can work with your own contractor. From there it’s just a matter of watching the design come to fruition.